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Kit for assembly.


Passive Band pass filters  for  home-made  Receivers or Transceivers 


Can be used as the additional band pass filter between antenna and a cheap receiver.


People say it pass perfect as PreSelector to PCR100, PCR1000 , SDR, Pilgrim, receivers...


                                                         PCB Dimension is 163x55 mm


 This unit tuned  for 160,80,40,30,20,17,15,12,10 m   amateurs   bands.


                                                                  Rin=Rout=50 Ohm.


Losses are 1-3 dB. It has RF amplifier with frequency compensated gain(10-20dB), using one medium power RF transistor , and attenuator -20dB.


The operating voltage for instaled relays is 12V (if you like you can order filter with relays wich work 9..18V) .


Passband ripple is abt. 0.5dB inside the band .



We offer 2 options of relay:

1. 12Volts (Working range 9..18V)

2. 24Volts (Working range 18..27V)



Universal Bandpass Filters for HF Transceivers "BPF-9" (9bands), RFamp & ATT

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