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- Assembled unit!
- Idealy Compatible with HF receivers and single band TRX
- English manual in the KIT.

Technical description:

·         Rotary encoder tuning

·         Selectable tuning steps – 5Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 5Kh, and 10kHz

·         Simultaneous VFO and BFO oscillator outputs (could be customized in menu)

·         S-meter display function 

·         VFO lock function – to prevent unwanted frequency shift due to vibration or knocks

·         Band up/down selection – 9 bands

·         Programmable start-up frequencies 

·         Atmel AtTiny processor 

·         16 x 2  compact LCD

·         Programmable si5351a reference crystal offset frequency

·         Low current – Less than 30mA at 3.3V including any LCD backlighting

·         Input voltage - 5..12V; the voltage regulator 2950CT33 --> +3.3V

- dimensions: 77х35 мм


menu "custom settings and calibration".
In the new firmware version through the menu user can change the following settings:
- the value of IF (+IF, -If, IF=0): 
- change the frequency reference generator or power down the output CLK1
- Accurate calibration of the synthesizer 
- Self-adjustment of the start-up frequency when you turn on the synthesizer


Synthesizer can be used as a local oscillator (VFO) and reference generator (BFO) in the Amateur radio receiving and transmitting structures with a single frequency conversion, and as a local oscillator (VFO) in the construction of direct frequency conversion


KIT consists of assembled vfo + encoder. 

Single band DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..160 MHz for HF Transciever. Assembled Unit!

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