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This oscillator generates  frequencies 5.135 – 5.865 MHz. Recommended IF is 8.865 MHz or 9 MHZ, then TRX will work on 20-meter band (14 MHz).  


- High stability;
- Frequency range – 5.130 – 5.870 MHz;
- Output voltage - 0.25 – 0.3V; (if need more, needs to use VFO amplifier)
- A buffer stage, which ensures good isolation between the oscillator and the load;
- RIT function
- Possibility to use auto-tuning frequency (allow to keep and auto-tune the frequency in case of its running)
- 12V DC.

- PCB dimensions 100х50х50 mm. 


KIT consists: 

documentation, PCB, all ellements: transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, toggle switch, variable capacitor

Single band VFO. 5,130-5,870 MHz.

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