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Working range (in case of the version):

- 20 meters (14,000 - 14,350 MHz)
- 40 meter (7,000 - 7,300 MHz)
- 80 meters (3,500 - 3,800 MHz)


- a core or receiver is MC3362 
- 4x Crystal filter
- High quality VFO (it is possible to use external VFO or DDS)
- Build-in bandpass filter + RF amplifier 
- Built-in S-meter 
- AGC function
- Built-in AF amplifier based on LM386
- Built-in BFO
- Sensetivity: 0.5uV
- Power Supply DC 12V, Current 80mA

The kit consists of all elements necessary for building the board:
- Manual in English
- All radio elements
- Skeleton + wire + manual how to do the winding
- multi-turn potentiometer
- The PCB dimensions are 130х50 mm


Necessary devices to build the kit:
- Frequency meter is recommended (needs to adjust the VFO + show the current frequency). We have frequency meter's kits or assembled units in our stock.
- Screw driver
- Multimeter 
- Knife or scalpel 


The Receiver starts working at first power on if make all steps according to manual. Just needs only the fine tuning of receiver during reception.  

There is an option to make QRP Transceiver by adding a Transmitter and Power Amplifier 5W kits. 

This listing recommended for Beginners in radio. 


QRP Single Band SSB Receiver «Taurus»

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