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KIT for assembly!



  • This direct frequency conversion micro-transceiver is designed for QRPP Telegraph operation on an Amateur 80 or 40 or 20 meters band (depends of the quartz crystal). 
  • Default crystal in a kit is 3,570 MHz  - 80 meter band. Let us know in order's comments which crystal do you prefer: we have 3.570, 7.020, 7.023, 7.030, 7.033, 7.050, 14.058, 14.31818  MHz
  • The output power of the transceiver is 500 mW.
Easy to assembly (~40-60 minutes). Starts working without any long-term adjustments (just screw the built-it trimmer to oscillator frequency). Recommended to Beginners in Radio. 

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Simple single band QRP CW Transceiver

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