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For beginners radio Amateurs self-construction of a good receiver for monitoring of Amateur radio stations is associated with certain problems caused primarily by the lack of experience and the necessary measuring instruments. Widespread and low cost chips designed for home receiving equipment, allows you to create simple and easy device to repeat at home. We offer to you a dual-band receiver that provides a quite comfortable listening to stations on 80m and 20m. It does not require complicated adjustment, and contains only two coils for assembly. This is good KIT for the weekend.


Technical parameters

  • Ranges of operating frequencies: 3,5 and 14 MHz (80m and 20m)
  • Crystal Quartz filter 4x - 5.2488 MHz
  • Bandpass range of a receiving path (on the level of-6 dB) is 350…2700Hz
  • Sensitivity from an antenna input, in case bandpass range 2,35 kHz, signal/noise 10 dB is 0,5 µV
  • Level of intrinsic noises is not more than 18 mV
  • Selectivity on the mirror channel is ~70 dB
  • The AGC range to is ~60 dB
  • PCB dimentions 95x50mm
  • Power output (speakers 8 Ohms) is >50 mW
  • DC 9-12 V, 18mA    


Simple Dual-band Amateur Receiver 20m/80m

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