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Receiver "Lydia-band 2" is a simple direct conversion receiver designed for listening to SSB/CW Amateur radio stations, Amateur radio developed by the Polish Wlodzimierz Salwa (SP5DDJ) at the request of the novice radio Amateurs. 


First and foremost, this project is intended for beginning hams, not having much experience in the design of the equipment. And for radio Amateurs who want a weekend to relax and do radio.

The receiver operates in two frequency bands 80 meters (3.5-3.8 MHz for EU or 3.8-4.0 MHz for US) and 40 meters (7.0 - 7.3 MHz).

In the receiver used: internal oscillator circuits, mixer and active filter. Bandpass filters at the receiver input, in spite of using axial inductors, provides the appropriate bandwidth, sensitivity, and harmonizing with the mixer. Input sensitivity of the receiver is adjusted by a simple antenna attenuator "Level treble" on the variable resistor integrated with a manual gain control. The VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) is running in the circuit with the chokes on 80 m and 40 m, varactors and variable resistor configuration. The stability of the VFO enough to listen to the stations. 


In the receiver circuit "Lydia-2 band" is possible for conneting of external VFO or DDS synthesizer.
There is also the possibility to easily connect your digital frequency counter (on-Board there is built-in input unit).

Simple Double Band Receiver "Lidia-2band" (40m and 80m)

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