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KIT for assembly!


Petr Fiser from Czech (OK1XGL) developed QRP transceiver of direct conversion as design intended for beginners in radio. However, this transceiver can be quite successfully used by those who interested in ham radio at low power, especially when working in the field.

  • Working range: 7.020, 7.023, 7.030, 7.033, 7.050, 14.058, 14.31818  MHz 
  • The supply voltage of the transceiver is 9-12 V
  • Current consumption is 45 mA in receive mode
  • Current consumption is 100 mA in transmit mode
  • The antenna input impedance is 50 Ohms
  • The receiver sensitivity is 0.4 µV
  • Output power is 130 mW.


KIT consists of all components necessary for assembly. 


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Simple single-band QRP CW Transceiver (40m or 20m bands)

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