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This is probably the simplest frequency meter ever built. It allows you to measure frequencies from 200 Hz to 8 MHz in four automatically switched bands. The smallest range has a resolution of 1 Hz.
Technical characteristics of the frequency meter:
The range of 1: 9,999 kHz, resolution 1 Hz.
Range 2: 99.99 kHz, resolution up to 10Hz.
Range 3: 999.9 kHz, resolution up to 100 Hz.
Range 4: 9999 kHz, resolution up to 1kHz. 


Description of work frequency
The Attiny2313 microcontroller operates from an external crystal oscillator with a clock frequency of 20 MHz (this is the maximum allowable frequency). The accuracy of the frequency meter is determined by the accuracy of the quartz. The minimum length of the half-period of the measured signal must be greater than the period of the crystal oscillator (this is due to the limitations of the architecture of the microcontroller ATtiny2313). Therefore, 50 percent of the clock frequency of the generator is 10 MHz (the maximum value of the measured frequency).

All measured frequency values are always displayed in kHz. Automatic range selection changes the position of the decimal point. The data refresh rate is 1 Hz.


- Processor - Attiny2313
- Indicator 0.36" green
- power supply 9..12V, 20mA

- Input frequency: 200Hz..8MHzh


Simple and small frequency counter 200Hz..8MHZ

950,00 руб.Price