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Simple 3-band receiver of direct conversion on 7, 14, 21 MHz

The way to air of the beginning radio fan quite often begins with construction simple according to the diagram and construction of the Receiver of Direct Conversion (other name – the heterodyne receiver). 

Main technical features:

  Ranges of operating frequencies: 7, 14, 21 MHz

  Bandpass range of a receiving path (on the level of-6 dB): 300... 2,600Hz

  Sensitivity of a receiving path from an antenna input ~0,7mV

  Adjacent channel selectivity ~70Db

  The current and power supply ~ 10mA, 9-12V


* Note: The Air Capacitor (on photo) replaced to Multi-turn Potentiometer. New PCB!


The Kit consists of manual, all necessary elements for assembly + Multi-turn Potentiometer.

Simple 3-band Ham radio receiver direct conversion 7,14,21MHZ+multi-turn 10K

1500,00 руб.Price