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         This broadband power amplifier allows to obtain the peak power approximately 30-40 watts into 50 Ohm of load when the input voltage is about 100 mV. The irregularity of amplitude - frequency characteristics of Power amplifier - not more than 0,5 dB in the frequency range 1-30 MHz. 

Universal power amplifier can be used in HF transceivers like in "Druzhba-M", "Desna", "Rosa", "Klopik", "Sloboda" and other designs.

PCB dimenstions: 135х75 mm.


Package included: all required elements for assembly, schematic and wiring diagrams.


We offer 2 options of device:

1. KIT for assembly. OUTPUT Power  10W

2. KIT for assembly. OUTPUT Power 30-40W

Power Amplifier for HF Amateur Transceiver 40 Watts

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