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Single band QRP transceiver "Taurus" this is low cost transceiver from Poland: author Włodzimierz Salwa SP5DDJ.


Supported bands: 20m; 40m or 80m (depends of the quarz crystal filters and bandpass filters)


The power amplfifer is designed on three transistors: 2N3904, 2N2219, 2SC2078.


Power Amplfifier unit (UM) can be used as a separate amplifier for other Transceivers.


KIT consists of: English documentation, printed circuit Board, all ICS, transistors, diodes, crystals, frames, circuits, capacitors and resistors. Documentation and PCB photo on our website.

PCB dimensions - 130х33 mm. 


We offer 3 options of KITs:

1. 20m band

2. 40m band

3. 80m band

Power Amplifier for single band TRX «Taurus». Output: 5W

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