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Kit DiY.


This is HF homemade multi-band transceiver. A simple generic receiver-transmitter path having the least switching of circuits in the modes of reception and transmission and to enable easy assembly with a minimum of tuning elements. The proposed scheme of the main tract is designed for beginners in ham radio without complex and expensive instrumentation. An experienced hobbyist may, at its discretion, to add to the circuit nodes as needed and make small, light transceiver to operate in the campaign. The scheme of the primary tract is very simple, logical and easy to "read". This is a classic super heterodyne with single frequency conversion.


"Klopik" is very popular in Russia and CIS.
"Klopik" designed to work on all Amateur HF bands in modes CW, SSB and PSK. The transceiver has a small size, which allows its use in field conditions and at the cottage. The amplifier of the transceiver to the antenna gives 30 watts at a voltage of 12 V.
The dignity of "Klopik" are excellent repeatability, ease of manufacture of the transceiver, a small number of elements of the main Board, at least nastech elements, its small size and relatively high characteristics of the receiving and transmitting path.


  • Quartz Crystal Filters: main 8x quartz filters and variable 4x quartz filter (0,7 – 2,7 kHz).
    • Quartz crystals 8,867238 MHz.
    • Squareness coefficient at the levels 6 and 60 dB ~ 1.6;
    • Attenuation over a bandwidth of more than 80 dB;
    • flatness in the passband is 1.5 - 2 dB;
    • bandwidth by level 6 dB – 2.4 ±0,15 KHz;
    • input and output impedance - 202±10 Ohms.  
KIT consists of all necessary elements for assembly.


Motherboard of TRX CW/SSB Klopik-2 transceiver Russian v.2.2 - 9 bands

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