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Transceiver parameters are following: 

• range of operating frequencies 1,830 … 2,000 kHz (160m band); 

• operation: SSB; 

• sensitivity in case of the relation signal/noise of 12 dB, not worse  1 mV; 

• selectivity on adjacent and to other collateral channels of reception, not worse 60 dB; 

• the range of action of system to ARE, ~ 60 dB. 

• peak power output on loading of 50 Ohms, ~5 W; 

• suppression of collateral channels in a transmission mode, ~40 dB; 

• consuming current, no more 0,6 A.


The KIT for assembly of “host (main) board of TRX". 

documentation, main board (drilled board with a mask), KIT quartz crystal filter 8,865 MHz, all chips, transistors, diodes, the relays, circuits, condensers and resistors + the S-meter device


To complete the transceiver VFO, power amplifier units are necessary. These units ar eavailable in our store.


Motherboard of Single-band QRP SSB-transceiver AMATOR (1.8 MHZ, 160m)

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