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“Rosa” is Amateur HF Transceiver of single frequency conversion. It is designed to work in SSB and CW modes. The transceiver is very popular for beginners in ham radio because of its simplicity of design and a minimum of scarce parts. Long-term usage of the device has shown its high parameters, reliability and ease of adjustment. The transceiver performs the functions of receiver and transmitter, providing performance at the following Amateur HF bands: 1,9; 3,5; 7; 10, 14; 18, 21; 24, 28 MHz. Depending on the permissions of the station can be connected the different types of power amplifiers. In receive mode the transceiver has a sensitivity when the ratio of signal to noise ratio 10dB – not more than 0.5 mV. Bandwidth is determined by the quartz filter. In TX mode the power output in 75 Ohms is 10 or 30 watts. The transceiver may be a base when creating a VHF transceiver. The transceiver is designed according to the block principle.


Technical characteristics of crystal filters:

  • Crystals 8,867238 MHz
  • the Squareness ratio in levels 6 and 60 dB – 1.5 – 1,7;
  • Attenuation over a bandwidth < 80 dB;
  • flatness in the passband is 1.5 - 2 dB;
  • the bandwidth at a level 6 dB – 2.4 ± 0,15 KHz;
  • Input and output resistance of 202±10 Ohms.


Motherboard of HF transceiver "ROSA" + reference oscillator.

KIT consists: documentation, PCB v2.0, KIT Quartz crystal filter 8,865 MHz, all ICS, transistors, IF coils, circuits, capacitors and resistors. Size of the Board 130х86 mm.

Motherboard of Amateur TRX "Rosa" + reference oscillator

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