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Small in size, is made discrete, this transceiver is likely designed to work QRP in CW and SSB modes in the field. "Klopik" is very popular in Russia and CIS.


"Klopik" designed to work on all Amateur HF bands in modes CW, SSB and PSK. The transceiver has a small size, which allows its use in field conditions and at the cottage. The amplifier of the transceiver to the antenna gives 30 watts at a voltage of 12 V.


The dignity of "Klopik" are excellent repeatability, ease of manufacture of the transceiver, a small number of elements of the main Board, at least nastech elements, its small size and relatively high characteristics of the receiving and transmitting path.


KIT consists of all necessary elements for assembly.

- Motheboard v.2.2

- Bandpass filters BPF-9, 9 bands, 12V\24V

- Lowpass filters, 9 bands, 12V\24V

- DDS VFO Synthesizer, 9 bands + Nokia LCD + decoder for bandpass unit

- VFO amplifier

- Power Amplifier 30W 12\24V

- CW unit


we offer 3 options for purchasing:


1. KIT for assembly (case is not included).

2. KIT for assembly (case is included - front back panel, aluminium back panel, aluminium base for monting PCBs, knobs, etc. ).



"KLOPIK" Transceiver

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