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The frequency counter is a flexible device with programmable IF offset allow make measurement guaranteed up to 50MHz frequency. Frequency counter could display the actual frequency of with user defined IF offset.  

  • PIC16F628A processor
  • 16x2 character LCD
  • Pre-programmed IF offsets
  • Direct frequency measurement (no IF offsets)
  • Indirect frequency measurement (IF+VFO, VFO-IF, IF-VFO)
  • Accuracy ±10Hz
  • Frequency resolution 10Hz
  • PCB dimensions: 82 x 38 mm
  • Power supply +7..12V, 20mA
  • Input frequency: 100Hz..50MHz


We offer 2 options:

1. KIT for assembly

2. Assembled unit


Frequency Counter 0..50 MHz

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