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This is KIT for assembly. 


Standing wave ratio meter is based on high-performance microprocessor ATTiny85 and compact display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. This allowed to develop a miniature digital meter SWR size 44 x 35 x 9 mm (length-width-depth of the assembled product).

      Signals from the measuring line (Transmission line) are connected to the inputs of the device. The program measures the level of the Forwarded and Reflected waves, and calculates the value of the standing wave ratio. For the normal operation of the SWR meter it is necessary that the output voltage of the measuring line does not exceed 5 volts. The device shows the values of SWR in range 1.0 to 9.4. At SWR> 9.4, the value 9.4 is continuously displayed. If the VSWR is greater than "2", the led indicating the high VSWR values is automatically switched on.


The program works in two modes:

* Graphic mode: the screen displays the input voltage levels from the transmission line, as well as the VSWR level with a graded scale from 1 to 10.


* Digital mode: only the current VSWR value is displayed on the screen.

The modes are switched by shorting a jumper on the J3 connector or by a possible connection of an external switch (at the user's discretion)


   Features of SWR

- Minimum parts and ease of Assembly (no setup required)

- Graded scale of the of SWR from 1 to 10 points

- Input voltage from the measuring line: 0..5V.

- Compact screen 25 x 15 mm (the visible part of the LCD)

- High-performance processor ATTINY85, which allows you to instantly display the latest information on the indicator.

- The size of the device assembled 44 x 35 x 9 mm (length-width-depth of the assembled product)

- Power supply unit 6-12V. Consumption is about 10-15 mA.





Digital mini-SWR power meter. Kit for assembly

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