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The kit consists of the following parts:

- Plastic case (high quality plastic, not cheap from China)
- Aluminium back panel with holes for Antenna and Power sockets
- Front plastic panel with all holes for potentiometers and switchers and LCD 
- Black laminated sheet for front panel

- All necessary switchers + sockets (excluding LCD, the encoder and potentiometers that are in a kit with mainboard of TRX and synthesizer)

- the aluminium base for mounting the PCBs (mainboard "Klopik", low-pass fitlers, bandpass filters, power amplifier and synthesizer)*

We can change the design and mounting holes for the PCB of those kit that you have. Please, place a comment which kits you have and we will build the aluminium base iside of the cabinet according to your dimensions

Dimensions of cabinet:
225 x 178 x 82 mm.



Cabinet for TRX "KLOPIK"

руб. 5000.00Price