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Automatic digital SWR meter. Assembled. 

- Completely automatic measurement process

- SWR is made on the basis of the microcontroller ATMega48. 

- Connects to the measurement line of any design. 

- The inputs could be connected to the measuring lines in any order. 

- The firmwire itself determines the direct and indirect channels.

- Displays the level in the SWR antenna-feeder tract digitally. 

- The device is made on the Board size 76х49 mm 

- Display led 5622, two digit, dimensions of single sign indicator 14х8 mm 

- 5V Power. 


The package is not include the transimission lines! 


Package includes: schematic diagram, description in English & Russian.


Recommends using "SWR meter up to 200Watt" + "Digital Automatic SWR meter with LED" together for measurement. 

Digital Automatic SWR power meter with LED (2 bit). Assembled.

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