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This local frequency and dual-tone generator designed and developed for easy adjustment of Amateur radio equipment (Receivers/Transceivers).

The device’s core is a microcontroller ATTiny2313 which generating a signal by direct digital synthesis method. Also, there are encoder with “Step” button, one more button “Mode” and high-quality liquid crystal display. Based on the compact size of the product and low consumption– its applicability in everyday life Amateur radio knows no bounds!


Technical parameters

Frequency range: 10Hz – 20kHz.

• Rotary encoder tuning

• Selectable tuning steps: 10Hz or 100Hz


Output RF voltage: 0 – 2.5 V (regulates by variable resistor)


The calculated harmonic distortion:

  • up to 5 kHz – 0.5%,
  • above 5 kHz – no more than 5%


Working modes and output waveforms:

  • Sine wave,
  • Sawtooth wave,
  • Dual tone mode,
  • Square wave


We offer 2 options:

1. KIT for assembly (includes all elements for assembly + english manual)

2. Assembled unit (includes assembled PCB + encoder + varibale resistor + user's manual)

DDS Low Frequency Signal Generator Sine Square Sawtooth Wave and dual-tone mode

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