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HF Amateur transceiver "Druzhba-M" is intended for Amateur radio communication SSB and CW on all nine HF bands from 160 to 10 m. It is a further development of the transceiver "Desna" and represents a design available for building for the radio Amateurs of average skill. In the design of the transceiver "Druzhba-M" the task was to create an inexpensive device with acceptable electrical characteristics with high repeatability and accessible to the majority of radio circuitry. This design does not contain any original circuit design, is a constructor of units previously described by other authors and well known in the World.

The transceiver has the following main technical characteristics:

- The sensitivity of the receiving path when the ratio signal / noise 10 dB, no worse than 0,25 µV;
- 2-signal selectivity in the detuning signal of 20 kHz at least 80 dB;
- Adjustment range of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) not less than 80 dB when the output voltage changes on 6 dB;
- The output of the transmitting part of the transceiver 10 Watts.

This KIT consists of the all required elements and components (relays, crystals, capacitors, resistors, switchers, etc).

Amateur HF Transceiver "Druzhba-M" - Main Board v4.6. KIT for assembly.

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